Caring for your alpaca knitwear

Alpaca jumpers on hangers

Care Advice

Pacastyle jumpers are easy to look after. They just need a bit of love and respect and they’ll keep their fit and quality for years to come.

We don’t recommend that you machine wash any Pacastyle alpaca jumper. To keep the qualities of the fibres, take a few minutes to wash by hand.

Gently hand wash in warm water. It shouldn’t be any hotter than 85 degrees Fahrenheit or 29 degrees Celsius. It should feel slightly warm to the touch, but not hot.

wash alpaca jumper

When you take it out, gently press the water out rather than squeezing or wringing it out. This helps prevent distortion of the sweater.

alpaca jumper care

Lay your jumper out flat when drying as this will help keep its shape. The flatter the better.

alpaca jumper drying

If you do want to machine wash your jumper please do take extra care: Wash using the coolest setting on your washing machine: don’t go above 30 degrees.

machine wash alpaca

When it’s done, lay your jumper out flat to dry, or rest it on a clotheshorse. We don’t recommend that you peg your garments when drying so it doesn’t lose its shape.