Alpaca Knitwear by Pacastyle

Welcome to Pacastyle, our alpaca knitwear is made from one the world’s most luxurious fleeces. The alpaca. We were born to provide you with high quality jumpers and beanies all made from 100% pure alpaca fibre.

We do not mix the yarn with any other wool, like cashmere, or man-made material, such as polyester or acrylic. Why? Well, it is because we are passionate believers that the alpaca wool posses unique properties which are unrivalled by any other and so want to preserve this in our knitwear.

The result is authentic high quality alpaca clothing made from one of the most strongest and softest natural yarns available on earth. Our alpaca knitwear range is based on stylish classic designs, which means you’ll be warm against the cold but also look good.